here, you will find me. drummer, concert-goer, artist, gamer, movie & book enthusiast, animal-lover, pizza connoisseur. find beauty in everything. Paramore is my favorite band. they, along with my girlfriend, pretty much make my life. i'm 21 & graduated CSUF as an art major, but my dream would be to work with animals. currently working Parking & Transportation at Disneyland. my cat's name is Legolas and i have a leopard gecko, Draco. fandoms: Star Wars, LOTR, Hunger Games, Pokemon, ATLA, Harry Potter, Twilight, Dexter, X-Men, Avengers, Scott Pilgrim, Game of Thrones. -end summary- i'm pleased to make your aquaintance! :D \\God is love and love is real// my drumming & videos: my art: my face: _shannon_michelle_ [instagram]
~ Wednesday, June 12 ~
#currentlywatching #sostoked #ellenpage #theeast #theeastmovie  (at Edwards University Town Center 6 (UTC))

#currentlywatching #sostoked #ellenpage #theeast #theeastmovie (at Edwards University Town Center 6 (UTC))

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